Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey Guys...

Emma here.  I haven't written anything yet, so I wanted to share some thoughts & new information on our trip to Kenya this summer.  

I think that Riley and I both are getting very excited and the trip to Africa seems a little more real now that things are getting started.  We've sent out support letters, have started the passport process, & have completed an online application.  We will need to get shots too, so I will be looking into that this next week.  In two weeks, our team will meet for the first time to discuss the logistics of the trip.  

Our deposit is due this next week.  I got several responses to my support letters and have already exceeded the deposit!  Thank you everyone!  I'm excited that you want to be a part of our journey to Africa!  In our meeting,  we are going to discuss fundraising.  Any ideas?    

In just over 13 weeks, our journey begins.  I'm excited to experience what God has planned for us in a foreign country.